Q. How often should I hydrobath my dog?

Most of our Splash Hounds Dog Wash regular customers have there dogs hydrobathed either every 2 weeks or every 4 weeks (some weekly)

It is a matter of choice depending on your situation, type of dog and home environment.

Our exclusive deodorizer usually lasts up to 2 weeks.

Customers generally get their loved ones washed for two reasons

  1. To control a flea problem
  2. Because the dog is smelly

Q. If I get my dog hydrbathed every week, will that dry out the oils in my dogs coat ?

No, all of our shampoos are very gentle to use on your dog weekly. Regular brushing will also ensure that your dog will be rid of excess hairs and free from knots and matting. 

Q. How often should I clip my dog’s nails ?

All dog’s nails grow at different rates depending on the dog’s environment, breed and age. Nail trimming should be done regularly to avoid scratching and broken nails.

Most dogs wear their nails down naturally on hard surfaces especially the back ones as that is where most of the weight is concentrated.

Smaller dogs and older dogs need their nails cut more frequent. The lighter ones because they are lighter and have less friction with the  ground and older dogs because they are less active.

NOTE         Whilst we do endeavour to clip every dog’s nails. Some dogs are too sensitive and become too aggressive during the clipping and these dogs need specialist veterinary care.

Q. My dog is really scared of the water and hates being bathed. What can I do ?

I regularly deal with reluctant dogs that don’t want to get in the hydrobath.

It gives the me great pleasure in seeing a dog overcome it’s fear of having a hydrobath and over time most dogs really love jumping in and having a good scrub.

I do this by making the bath a truly pleasurable experience for your dog.

Lots of warm water, talking to your dog and on completion of the bath, your dog gets a doggie biscuit. They eventually come to demand this after each bath! Food is a great motivator !

Q. My dog’s coat is knotted and matted. How can I look after it in between baths ?

Dogs need to be regularly brushed and knots cut out with sharp scissors. In particular, long haired dogs.

Your operator can recommend and source for you a quality brush that will ensure that your dog remains free from knots and matted hair.

If you have any other questions then please phone 0418 952 100 or ask your Splash Hounds Dog Wash operator who will be only too happy to help you.