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Independent Mobile Dog Wash

0418 952 100

The owner; Stephen, served in the Royal Australian Navy and Royal Navy as a submariner for 30 years before deciding in 2004 that a career change was due.Stephen using the hydrobath to wash one of his canine friends

Dog washing seemed an obvious choice to pursue and so off he went to work for himself . Over the next 5 years he slowly built his business up  and developed a substantial, regular customer base and gained the necessary experience to start his own independent business.

After much debate about the name; “Splash Hounds Mobile Wash” was registered and the business established in August 2009.

A fantastic website was soon developed by TotalManager and  Geoff Payne 0413451315 and as a result, almost 95% of new customers find out about my business through the internet and the website,   www.splashhounds.com.au

Splash Hounds Mobile Dog Wash IS a locally owned business, operated by a proud West Australian.

Splash Hounds  Mobile Dog Wash is NOT part of a franchise operation.  I am an independent, LOCAL business offering that personal service that you don’t get with a franchise.

This means that I can operate anywhere and am not restricted to particular areas and, most importantly, when you call the phone number        0418 952 100, you speak directly to me and NOT to an answering service based in the Eastern states who will NOT give you details of the service.

You and your dog WILL receive a more personal service.

I am what is called ‘old school’ and I firmly believe in delivering superior customer service.

  • Good service Punctuality, politeness, and reliability are my priorities and I will always phone if I’m running late, and…..
  • If I am unable to answer your call immediately, PLEASE  leave a clear message and I guarantee to answer each and every missed call as soon as possible.

There are NO franchise fees and other extra costs, which means I can keep my mobile hydrobath dog wash prices at a very competitive rate AND I do offer discount rates to Senior citizens & Health Card holders.

Why not give me a try ?

****  Splash Hounds Dog Wash Perth has a unique HOT water system  ****

1.   A large tank of HOT water is carried inside the van, which ensures your dog gets a nice, warm hydrobath every time without you having to provide buckets of hot water, which is what is required by many of my competitors.

2.   Splash Hounds Mobile Dog Wash Perth offers the  convenience of the owner NOT having to be present for the appointment, which is very important these days when both partners work or there are other reasons for the owner to not be at home.  No other company uses this system, which makes my business unique.  All that is needed is electricity and cold water.

Splash Hounds Mobile Dog Wash provides the following services;-

  • Hydrobath dogwash in warm, fresh water
  • Use of environmentally friendly flea kill products that help relieve skin problems and improve coat condition
  • Use of specialised low allergy shampoos (if necessary)
  • A massaging Towel Dry
  • Eyes & Ears are cleaned and checked for infections.
  • Nails clipped for FREE ! Unlike some of my competitors who charge upwards of $15 and some Vets up to $30 !!
  • I deodorize with an exclusive home – made fragrance to leave your dog’s coat looking healthy and smelling great for many days afterwards
  • I brush your pooch after the hydrobath to removing any excess hair

And………… A doggy biscuit for each happy dog on completion